Now We are 60 Plus - 1949 to 2009 

Old Lancashire customs are disappearing thick and fast. However Singleton Cloggers are countering that trend with their traditional music and dance.
We are officially classed as a North West Clog Morris team, a rather long term for what is essentially a group of men and women keeping tradition alive and having fun, whilst entertaining people. Our team are members of the Morris Federation, an organization which brings together dancers and musicians from the many varieties of English folk dance.

Singleton Cloggers were formed in 1949, leading the gala procession at Singleton village once a year. They were all local residents who performed in uniforms not too dissimilar to those we wear today. This continued until the team disbanded in the mid sixties.

Reformed in the early seventies and led by a local resident, Marjorie Ward, the team again led the village gala and started to dance at other local fetes and galas. New dances were added, some named after local landmarks, all of which were created by the team. Since this time the group has had many variations of uniform, however, the clogs have remained the constant. We now have over Twentysix dancers and seven musicians and travel much further a field within the UK performing with other teams in colourful? dance and music extravaganzas, though we maintain our support to our roots which is the galas of Singleton, Weeton and Poulton-le-Fylde.

We continue as a mixed team, though these days the members live all around the Fylde. In order to maintain our high standards, we practice every Monday evening mostly in the village hall, the performance season usually runs from May to September.

We welcome newcomers and you can be assured of a warm and friendly reception. Over the years those who have joined have enjoyed many hours of practice, performing and the all important "apres clog".

Phone: 01253 301483



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